Jul 07 , 2020

How to write a CV

Jonathan from Tunbridge Wells asks 'How can I make my CV stand out?'.

This is a tough job market right now and so you really do need to make that extra effort to make sure your CV is at the top of the pile.  I have reviewed thousands over the years, so here are my top tips from an employer’s perspective.

My top CV tips:

1. Use a great template, it must be clear, well laid out and attractive.
2. Start strong. Your name should be at the top, followed with a paragraph on your career, the highlights and standout achievements.
3. Next summarise your skills and key roles.  Get this KEY INFORMATION about you in at the top of the page - this needs to hook the reader to want to know more.
4. Always customise for the job you want.
5. Show industry insight, that you understand the company and the role.
6. Be succinct.  1 - 2 pages maximum.