Jun 30 , 2020

What is best for phone interviews?

Jay from Macao ask for my advice on telephone interviews. 
He has an overseas phone interview for a Housekeeping Attendant position and asks if I can provide some tips regarding phone interview techniques.

My top telephone interview tips:

  • Prepare. Failing to properly prepare for any interview is a sure fire way of reducing your chances of success. Review the company, the role and how you meet the requirements thoroughly.
  • Speak clearly and deliberately
  • Use a landline.
  • Be confident in your experience and abilities.
  • Listen. Answer the questions in full.
  • Have your notes to hand. This is an advantage of a telephone interview.
  • Practice your responses to questions they are likely to ask you.
  • Ask questions. Show you have thought about the role.

Good luck with any job interviews that you have!