Jun 23 , 2020

Is it a good time to start a business?

This weeks question is from Leah, in Leeds, UK.  
Leah is a Personal Assistant but has been laid off recently, via Zoom!   She is asking my advice on whether the time is right to start her new business now or should she look for a new job.

Leah tells me she has an idea for her own business, she feels it is a strong service that would be in demand.  BUT she is asking whether this is the right time to set up her own business or should she wait for things to go back to normal and look for another job for now.

My advice on how to know if the time is right to set up your own business:

If you have an opportunity that you believe in, that you’re excited about and are willing to work hard to establish then now is the perfect time to get ready to launch.

If all goes to plan you will have built something you are proud of, set your own rules, managed your own time and guaranteed your future income.

At a minimum you would gain experience, contacts and expertise to take back into the job market.

I wouldn't wait for another job.  Currently companies of all shapes and sizes would find it difficult to guarantee your future.

Unfortunately more talent is going to pour into unemployment and the job market will get tougher.

I say start somewhere with your own business, if not now while out of work then when will you give it a try?

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