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About me

I built my career from humble beginnings to become one of Britain’s most successful business leaders.

I left school at 16 years old with no qualifications, but quickly progressed from selling fashion from a Leeds market stall to launching my international knitwear brand, Honeysuckle, which I sold a few years later for millions.

I later became one of the first women to head a fashion company stock exchange flotation. I had risen from the markets to the stock market in a few years.

As a pioneer female business leader I aced a series of challenging executive roles, whilst consecutively growing and selling many other businesses for significant profit and across diverse sectors, including electronics, design, fashion and property development. As the no nonsense interviewer over 5 seasons of BBC’s The Apprentice’s final five candidates, I scrutinise in detail and advise Lord Alan Sugar on candidate’s Business Plans, their credibility and flaws.

My passion for business and entrepreneurship has also been recognised with a number of business awards and as judge of the top female entrepreneur, for HSBC’s Panel of Forward Ladies.

Today I run highly successful property development and interior design businesses.

Linda Plant's Business Blueprint Course
Linda Plant's Business Blueprint Course

Linda Plant's Business Blueprint Course

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Linda Plant

My Business Blueprint Course

In my personally written Business Blueprint Course I share my experience and strategies from my years in business. The Blueprint course is like no other business course. It contains all of my business insights, my knowledge and examples from my own career.

It covers every aspect of business that you need to master to get started and to scale up to that next level of business. This is the complete, no nonsense, A-Z of business, written in my own words, the blueprint template to business success.

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