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My new course will guide you, from getting started with a product or service to successfully running your own company.

Linda Plant's Business Blueprint - STARTS SEPT 2020

Linda Plant's Business Blueprint - STARTS SEPT 2020

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My personally written Business Blueprint Course will guide you through the real world of business, with lessons and examples from my own career.

Your Blueprint 12 steps to success includes; My easy to follow business strategies; How to test your business concept; differentiating your brand; perfecting your business plan; winning and keeping customers; marketing your product and services; Growing your business; and very importantly How to survive and thrive in challenging times.

I have made my course available for pre-order, and offer staged payments, to remove all barriers to you succeeding.

Learn about My course

Chapter 1: It starts with an idea

(but an idea isn’t enough) I guide you through the process of coming up with money-making ideas and judge if they can be turned into a business.

Chapter 2: Your USP

I teach you my process to establishing, marketing and branding your Unique Selling Proposition in order to boost sales and gain loyal customers.

Chapter 3: Identify your audience

Here you will learn who your ideal customers are, how I speed up the sales process to save valuable time and money.

Chapter 4: Know your competition

This chapter will help you understand your market competitors, how to assess what they are doing well and how you can compete and beat them!

Chapter 5: The Business Plan

Learn how to write the perfect business plan to steer your business and bring in investment.

Chapter 6: Branding

I explain how the right branding can get your company recognition, make it stand out from the crowd and help you supercharge your revenues and profits.

Chapter 7: Negotiation

I share my secrets of negotiations across multiple businesses, with my golden tips including how to prepare, getting the best deal and making sure each party walks way away happy.

Chapter 8: Selling

I let you into my sales process and explain how building relationships and keeping promises are your keys to sales success.

Chapter 9: Team Building

I discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with a great team, how your employees can supercharge your business and the key elements of leadership that are essential to motivate, empower and drive your team forward.

Chapter 10: Repeat business, repeat business, repeat business

Here I share my recipe for ensuring that your customers come back time and time again and bring more business with them.

Chapter 11: The Apprentice

For the first time ever I guide you on how to survive and thrive during the interview process and what to do when you encounter yourself in a real-life boardroom situation!

Chapter 12: Building a business in uncertain times

Drawing on my own experiences I steer you through the process of launching and running a business in turbulent times. I advise you how you can succeed and even thrive in the toughest economic periods.

A business course like no other, my Linda Plant Business Blueprint course will guide you through step by step the complete A-Z of setting up and growing your business. Written in my own words, my Blueprint course shares the knowledge, experience and insights I have gained over decades of building business successes with you, to help you to achieve the your business goals.

Complete the 12 Linda Plant Business Blueprint Chapters with me, as I guide you through each stage with videos and text.


Chapter 1: Introduction

"I am living proof that you don’t need to go to university or have a load of savings to start your own business and most of the time, especially in the early years, I used my common sense to figure it out as I went along. Let me be clear, there is virtually never a bad time to start your own business.

Even in tough economic times it could be the best time to start a new business, if done sensibly and commercially. Launching a new airline during the coronavirus lockdown may not be the best business decision but starting a food delivery service might.

Starting a luxury goods or office supplies business during a recession could be challenging but a CV-writing service or accountancy business could flourish. However, you need to be confident that there is a market for your potential business idea. You need to do the research and analysis that we will talk about in future chapters to understand the market, your competition and your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition, something that I will talk about a lot during this course.

You need to understand your customer: why, how and when they purchase and what you can do to keep them. But you do not have to reinvent the wheel - you just need to achieve your goals! Before any of that though, you need an idea. You need to know how to start. "

Chapter 9: Building a  team

Probably the most important criteria in team building is to choose people who are the right fit for the team. Personalities are important. Look for people who share your vision excitement and work ethic. I always found them because I knew who and what I wanted from my team.

Always remember that ultimately you are responsible for your business and that it takes a great leader to make a great team. You need to be able to make tough decisions and set standards and goals that need to be maintained and exceeded.

You need to understand what motivates your staff, how to maximise their performance and understand their capabilities and limitations. You also need to be able to manage differing personalities and egos, when you need to offer a hand and when you need to show some tough love. The leader who can consistently build high performance teams is worth their weight in gold!

So how will you achieve this?!...