Linda Plant's CV Critique

Linda Plant's CV Critique

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We are in unprecedented times.  Many of you have faced redundancy or furlough and lack job security.  In this tough job market your CV needs to stand out from the crowd more than ever before.  

Whether you are a senior executive pursuing a board directorship, a supervisor looking to move into a management role or a graduate starting out in your first role your CV will make the difference between you landing that interview, or being cast aside. 

Gain my expert view on how to make sure your CV and you stand out so that you can achieve your career goals.  Order a professional and completely personalised CV review, receiving fully confidential feedback.  
[This is a strictly confidential service.]

Invest in your future now.   Order your detailed CV assessment today.


I am really impressed by the detailed analysis and valuable feedback you have provided for my CV. You have picked up on some really key areas that I can constructively improve on and in such challenging times, this is very invaluable feedback. I am really impressed with your review and I am so happy I went ahead with the CV review service and will definitely make your recommended changes immediately.

Charmaine Coultate

Linda is just amazing! After being out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she gave me some life-changing advice about my CV on the BBC show 'Your Money And Your Life' hosted by Matt Allwright and Kym Marsh.

Junior Stewart