Linda's Business Plan Template Pack

Linda's Business Plan Template Pack

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A Business Plan sets out the roadmap for your company.  As well as being a document that you can share with investors it also helps you plan growth, gives your business focus, sets out your strategy and objectives and checks that your idea makes commercial and financial sense. 

Business Plan Template Pack

My Business Plan starter pack gives you the key documents for a successful Business Plan in a simple, easy to use format that will save you time and money, avoiding unnecessary stress!


1.  Linda's guide to writing a successful Business Plan that any Apprentice would be proud of.

2.  A complete Finance template (with step-by-step notes for your inputs) that includes 3-year:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheets 
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Capital & Finance

3. A SWOT analysis template. This is a key part of your Business Plan that provides the detail to identify and assess your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

4. An essential bonus chapter that shows you how to pull together all of the current and future costs to run and support your company, with expert guidance on how to get funding and inject cash into your business.


Linda's business plan pack has been a great start to the new course that is on offer. It has helped me set out a 3 year forecast for my business and has a great amount of detail in the financial summary. There is some fantastic tips on how to secure investment for your business as well as building a great and detailed business plan. Would recommend to people new to business.

Joshua Whitelam

Linda is just amazing! After being out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she gave me some life-changing advice about my CV on the BBC show 'Your Money And Your Life' hosted by Matt Allwright and Kym Marsh.

Junior Stewart